What Madame Alexander Doll is right for your child's age?

The Right Madame Doll for your Child’s Age

A doll can undoubtedly become a child’s best friend.”   – Madame Alexander

Often called the mother of modern doll play, Madame Alexander wanted to create dolls that could be played with and loved for generations. In 1923 the Madame Alexander Doll Company was born to do just that! She believed that giving a child a doll was giving them a playmate and endless playtime adventures. To make choosing the best doll for your child easy, we have created a quick guide to choosing a doll that’s best for your child’s age.

ages 0-20 – 2 Years Old
Dolls that are small and soft will be easier for your child to grasp and cuddle. The doll’s clothing should be of a softer material and be sewn on. Dolls encourage interaction and will engage your child’s developing senses.




dolls for 2-3 years old2 – 3 Years Old
Choose dolls that can be bathed, fed, and diapered so that your child can mimic everyday behavior that they see around them. And at this age, children develop good finger coordination so dolls that have simple removable clothing will let them practice and improve their motor functions.



dolls for 3-4 years old3 – 4 Years Old
This is where we start seeing more imaginative play. Dolls with different clothing and accessories will inspire them to play out different roles and scenarios. Dolls that encourage creativity help bring their imaginations to life.




Finding the right doll for your child will help ignite their imaginations and teach them kindness that they will pass along to their children!


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